Fine art of a press release

Obviously, the secret of success in a press release is to get so many angles into your story that every media channel imaginable finds one to suit their target audience.

Take Relate’s release this week of its comprehensive survey into The Way We Are Now

We’ll leave you to guess which type of media outlets favoured which angle, but their wide choice included:

  • Honesty and commitment are valued the most in a relationship
  • A certain percentage of us haven’t had sex for a month
  • Women over 60 have the best quality friendships
  • Relationships involving young children come under huge pressure
  • A certain percentage of us have cheated on our partner
  • Couples keep their debts secret from one another
  • Money worries are the biggest strain on relationships.



What’s the No 1 problem when a relationship goes wrong?

What do you think is the Number One problem in a failing relationship?

According to a prominent psychotherapist making the headlines in New York, the Number One issue is communicating effectively.

For example, you need to know how to argue with your partner during a domestic while not threatening to leave the relationship.

You also need to recognise that your partner’s annoying behaviours, which you feel are intolerable, have probably always been part of the mix.

Other problems couples commonly face, she says, include:

  • Not having fun together
  • Being too busy
  • Being too insensitive
  • Being too sensitive.

Anything sound familiar?



You could be sitting on a fortune!

Consultant auctioneer David Fletcher will be aboard when we hold a private viewing and auction at the auction rooms in the heart of Woburn on Thursday, October 15.

Our CEO Angela Foll has been learning the trade of an auctioneer so that she can put her new skills to the test at the event, hosted by Charles Ross Auctioneers & Valuers. All winning bids will go towards delivering more free counselling sessions for children and young people across the county. (more…)

Money worries are a top strain on relationships for people in the region

An annual study of more than 6,000 people in the UK shows that money worries are a top strain on relationships for 61% of people living in the East Midlands region.

Published today by charities Relate, Relationships Scotland and Marriage Care,  The Way We Are Now 2015  is one of the biggest studies of its kind. It provides a window into the nation’s relationships – from couple and family life to sex, friendships and how we feel about our colleagues and bosses. (more…)

Your invite to a special occasion

You’re invited to an event being run by Relate Bedfordshire and Luton at auction rooms in Woburn in October.

Earlier in the year CEO Angela Foll won a mini i-pad in a Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce prize draw. Now she is looking to raise funds for Relate by auctioning it, along with other prizes donated by local traders.

Moreover, she’ll be the auctioneer herself – she is learning her new skills from local auctioneers and valuers, Charles Ross.

Money from Angela’s 10 auction lots at the private viewing will go towards delivering more free counselling sessions for children and young people across Bedfordshire and Luton… and she would welcome your support when the bidding starts at 6.30pm at The Old Town Hall auction rooms in the heart of Woburn on October 15. If you would like to make an evening of it, there are several quality restaurants nearby.

Tickets for a preview tour and the auction cost £15, plus an optional £10 donation on which, with your permission, we would claim gift aid. For a personal invite email:

Relate offers support to people affected by Ashley Madison data leak

Our team of counsellors is offering support to people affected by leaked data from the Ashley Madison affairs website.

After worried people began calling our national phone lines, we went public with guidance for those who have been exposed, those who have discovered that their partner is having an affair, or people who are worried about what is ‘around the corner’ for them. (more…)

Boredom Is Top Commitment Fear Amongst Couples

With the wedding season now in full swing, many people in the Bedfordshire and Luton area will be contemplating whether it is time to take their own relationship to the next level. Whether this means tying the knot, moving in together or simply choosing not to date other people, it all comes down to one three syllable word: commitment.

For some couples, commitment is just something that happens naturally, but for others, fears about commitment can lead to feelings of anxiety and even drive a wedge between them. Of 238 people who took part in a ‘commitment quiz’ on Relate’s website, more than a third (34%) listed ‘worrying that we may get bored of each other’ as their biggest fear about taking the next commitment step. Nearly as many people were most worried about ‘having more rows and arguments’ (28%), with ‘losing freedom and making things permanent’ being less of a concern (19%). (more…)

Tips For Parents On Exam Results Day

As exam results come out, parents sometimes feel unsure how to help their teenage children who feel under pressure or are disappointed by what they have achieved.

“We adults sometimes take for granted problems that young people have at school,” says Relate Bedfordshire & Luton CEO Angela Foll. “We all went through it, and sometimes we just put issues down to ‘all part of growing up’.  But situations young people face can be just as stressful and important as issues we face as adults. This time of the year in particular can be traumatic for young people as exam results come in.”

What we can do? (more…)

Our new patron

Pauline Stewart is the new patron of Relate Bedfordshire & Luton.

Pauline (pictured below) is one of the UK’s strongest and most vocal advocates for the advancement of women. Her primary goal has been to help women develop to their full potential, and to become confident and competent leaders.


She is founder of Inspirati, a UK-wide business based in Bedford, which stimulates new thinking to create energy and vision so people do things differently.

Pauline is an experienced training programme writer, a facilitator, presenter and speaker of some years’ standing. She is the UK Ambassador and a certified instructor for the Edward De Bono Foundation, which promotes creativity and constructive thinking, and this year she has been appointed president of Soroptimist International (Bedford), which works through  service projects to advance human rights and the status of women.

In 2010, Pauline was identified as one of 100 most inspirational businesswomen in the UK. She is also a past trustee of Relate Bedfordshire & Luton.

“I can’t wait to get started on this new role with Relate,” says Pauline. “For many years now I have known and valued the work of Relate’s counsellors and trainers.” Relate Bedfordshire & Luton CEO Angela Foll says: “Pauline’s energy and inspiration is another boost to our service in the local community. We are pleased to welcome her as our patron.”

Less than half of local adults are sexually satisfied

‘Just thinking differently could save our sex lives’

Less than half of adults who live in the East of England are satisfied with their sex life (45%) and 52% have not had sex in the last month, suggests new figures from a UK-wide survey by Relate, Marriage Care and Relationships Scotland.

People put so much pressure on themselves to have ‘amazing sex’ that they often end up avoiding it altogether or don’t notice what is good about their sex lives. (more…)