Collaborative Law Support

We support YOU while you resolve legal issues out of court

When times in your relationship are at crisis point, and you  need a lawyer to sort out situations such as divorce, the last thing you need is the stress of a court case and a hefty legal bill.

That’s why we are working in partnership with law firms in the Bedfordshire area to help provide a ‘collaborative’ service.

What is collaborative law?

Collaborative Lawyers work with parties outside the court environment and help couples create positive futures for themselves and their children following the end of a relationship.

When assisting couples who have reached the decision that separation and divorce is the only option left, Collaborative Lawyers recognise that there are many more important factors at stake than simply dividing assets.

Rather than allowing couples to get completely caught up in financial settlements, as can sometimes happen in a traditional litigated divorce, Collaborative Lawyers are mindful of the needs of the entire family. They remember that any children involved will want and deserve a healthy relationship with both of their parents going forward.

Collaborative Lawyers also remember that you, as parents will still need to be able to communicate with each other about important matters regarding your children – despite your differences – long after the legal process has concluded. To achieve this requires planning, effort and a skillset that may not naturally be part of the Collaborative Lawyers’ toolkit. It is for this reason that Collaborative Lawyers regularly invite Family Consultants into the process where it is deemed helpful to do so.

How our Family Consultant can support you

Our Family Consultant offers limited to short-term support, helping you to reach agreement in the least painful way possible during:

  • the collaborative process or/and
  • the process of separation, divorce and the establishment/continuation of
    co-operative co-parenting.

This work may be limited to working with a single client and/or, where appropriate, may involve the client’s partner or other parties such as Collaborative Lawyers.

Family Consultants are not there to act as counsellor or couple therapist. Rather, the Family Consultant’s role is to provide short-term support to you and your former partner during the collaborative process.

Why should you involve our Family Consultant?

The value of the involvement of a Family Consultant in the collaborative process has been shown to facilitate:

  • A significant reduction in ‘dead time’ during collaborative meetings caused by emotional or psychological reactions.
  • An increase in productivity during collaborative meetings leading to significant cost reductions, as fewer meetings will be ultimately required.
  • The opportunity to develop personalised solutions specific to your family’s needs that will stand the tests of time in as co-operative a manner as possible.

Our Family Consultant is not there to make judgements about the rights or wrongs of your relationship difficulties. Her role is to listen, to encourage you to talk openly about your concerns, and help you to reach your own decisions about the best way forward.

Our Family Consultant offers over 20 years of experience with couples and takes a flexible and pragmatic approach in her work.  Her understanding of relationship dynamics and extensive experience in supporting couples in conflict provide a unique skillset which can be used to support clients through the time sensitive and practical needs of the collaborative process and can ease what can be a very difficult and trying time for you, your former partner and family.

How our service works

Call us on 01234 356350 and ask for the ‘Family Consultant Service’. You will be offered, individually or as a couple, a one-hour appointment with our Family Consultant at a cost of £50.

If you choose to have the Family Consultant support you during legal proceedings, the cost for the Family Consultant remains the same, at the rate of £50 per hour.

Call us on 01234 356350 or email us.

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