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Fine art of a press release

Obviously, the secret of success in a press release is to get so many angles into your story that every media channel imaginable finds one to suit their target audience. Take Relate’s release this week of its comprehensive survey into The Way We Are Now We’ll leave you to guess which type of media outlets… Read more »

What’s the No 1 problem when a relationship goes wrong?

What do you think is the Number One problem in a failing relationship? According to a prominent psychotherapist making the headlines in New York, the Number One issue is communicating effectively. For example, you need to know how to argue with your partner during a domestic while not threatening to leave the relationship. You also… Read more »

You could be sitting on a fortune!

Consultant auctioneer David Fletcher will be aboard when we hold a private viewing and auction at the auction rooms in the heart of Woburn on Thursday, October 15. Our CEO Angela Foll has been learning the trade of an auctioneer so that she can put her new skills to the test at the event, hosted… Read more »

Your invite to a special occasion

You’re invited to an event being run by Relate Bedfordshire and Luton at auction rooms in Woburn in October. Earlier in the year CEO Angela Foll won a mini i-pad in a Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce prize draw. Now she is looking to raise funds for Relate by auctioning it, along with other prizes donated… Read more »

Relate offers support to people affected by Ashley Madison data leak

Our team of counsellors is offering support to people affected by leaked data from the Ashley Madison affairs website. After worried people began calling our national phone lines, we went public with guidance for those who have been exposed, those who have discovered that their partner is having an affair, or people who are worried about… Read more »

Our new patron

Pauline Stewart is the new patron of Relate Bedfordshire & Luton. Pauline (pictured below) is one of the UK’s strongest and most vocal advocates for the advancement of women. Her primary goal has been to help women develop to their full potential, and to become confident and competent leaders. She is founder of Inspirati, a UK-wide… Read more »

Less than half of local adults are sexually satisfied

‘Just thinking differently could save our sex lives’ Less than half of adults who live in the East of England are satisfied with their sex life (45%) and 52% have not had sex in the last month, suggests new figures from a UK-wide survey by Relate, Marriage Care and Relationships Scotland. People put so much… Read more »

Sex is good for YOU

Some say it’s overrated. But we don’t agree. Here are our top four reasons why sex is great, why we need it, and why it’s good for us and our relationships.

Summer wedding? Plan your lifelong relationship

Most UK weddings take place in July and August – in fact, 42% of them. And brides spend 36 days in total planning their wedding, according to research. Three out of four have made most of the big decisions before even meeting their future husband, including whether to have a church wedding or register office… Read more »