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Should you be worried if your teenage son is watching porn?

People have different responses to porn. Whether they think about it from a moral, ethical or even legal point of view, often no two people have the same opinion. One of our Relate counsellors says that clients’ sexual issues frequently, to a greater or lesser extent, involve problems with attitudes towards using porn. Some see… Read more »

How much sex you need for a happy relationship?

According to a study in the journal  Social Psychological and Personality Science, the magic number is once a week. The study used data on sexual frequency and happiness from more than 30,000 Americans who completed a social survey between 1989 and 2012. It found that couples were happier if they had more sex, but that more than once… Read more »

‘Don’t stay together for our sake’

Eight out of 10 children and young people with experience of parental separation or divorce would prefer their parents to split up if they are unhappy, rather than stay together. So says a poll of young people aged 14-22 with experience of parental separation, carried out on behalf of family law organisation Resolution. It reveals fresh… Read more »

New ways of doing Christmas

Whom to spend Christmas with torments so many of us year on year. A Relate survey shows that 90% of us would like to spend Christmas with immediate family. Only 54% think that including extended family members is a priority. It gets more complicated when family members have different ideas about who these important ‘nearest… Read more »

Women more prone to affairs

Stats show women are 40% more likely to have affairs than 20 years ago. Relate counsellor Denise Knowles says:  “Women [having affairs] can be frightened to let go of the marriage but honesty is always the best way. “If you communicate your problems and admit your affair, your marriage might have the chance of succeeding,”… Read more »

The price of being ‘Mummy’s favourite’

Adults who think they are their mother’s favourite child have an increased risk of depression, according to a new study. Researchers think that both being the target of sibling rivalry, and feeling committed towards their parent, can take their toll on preferred children.  Professor Jill Suitor, Purdue University, Indiana, US, who led the study, says:… Read more »

Heroes take a bow

Not just one, but TWO Relate Bedfordshire and Luton team members won ‘Heroes’ awards at a national Relate conference. Relate Heroes are recognised each year for their services to the charity. For 2015, counselling services manager Tina Miller was presented with a ‘Heroes’ award for her 26 years’ service to the local Relate in the… Read more »

The pain’s the same

In an interview for the Telegraph on the hurt of being defriended on Facebook, Relate counsellor Arabella Russell says: “Social media can be a great source of communication, but it can also be a great battering ram on the self-esteem. “If you’re dropped, it can have a really visceral effect: ‘What have I done?’ It’s… Read more »

Let’s go for the least painful way possible

No-fault divorce was the subject of a Ten Minute Rule Bill debated in the House of Commons. We support this motion. Divorce in England and Wales requires one person to accuse the other of adultery / unreasonable behaviour / desertion to have their divorce granted within two years of marriage breakdown. Research has found that 27%… Read more »