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Help with issues about sex

It’s not easy talking about problems with sexual or emotional intimacy – especially when sexual relations are absent, difficult, painful or just plain distressing. Once you’ve summoned up courage to make an appointment by calling the Relate team on 01234 356350 – and asking to see a counsellor to help with issues about sex –… Read more »

Quality of the relationship counts for most

“It’s not the piece of paper that’s important, it’s the quality of the relationship,” says Relate counsellor Barbara Bloomfield in an interview about living together, commitment and marriage. Around 80% of couples co-habit before getting married, but it’s not always seen as a precursor to marriage. A 2012 report suggests that 21% of people live… Read more »

Tell-tale signs of a toxic relationship

“If you’re afraid to tell your friends or family what’s happening in your relationship, it’s probably toxic.” “If your partner directs, advises, or orders you to not talk to friends and family members, it’s probably toxic.” Those are messages from one contributor to a chatroom discussion about tell-tale signs of a toxic relationship. When you’re… Read more »

That’s the point…

What’s the point of keeping up contact with someone who doesn’t recognise you? A survey says 42% of the public think there is no point in maintaining contact when someone reaches this stage of dementia. But family visits at this stage can stimulate feelings of happiness, comfort and security, says the Alzheimer’s Society. “Spending time… Read more »

D-Day for help with divorce

Today has been dubbed D-Day (with apologies to those with wartime memories). D-Day is the date in January when more divorces are expected to be filed than any other day of the year. Christmas has come and gone. You’ve given it one last chance. You didn’t want to spoil Christmas for the children. But after… Read more »

Surely your luck will change in 2016

This new year maybe, just maybe… your luck will change. Each new year, hundreds, no thousands, probably millions of people ask themselves: ‘Why haven’t I been asked out?’ It’s not just you, we promise. The Office for National Statistics calculates that 51% of the UK population are single (although their definition of ‘single’ is ‘not married’).

When does it get serious?

When you’re dating someone, it’s pretty obvious. You go out together, hang out at weekends, and probably do other stuff, too. But figuring out whether you’re just dating or in a serious relationship can be a grey area. For some, you’re serious after three months of consistent dating; for others, it’s not until after you… Read more »

New beginnings

People of a certain age don’t always readily admit to using Relate’s counselling services. Chat with younger people and there’s nothing odd about finding someone to talk with in confidence. Their mates do it; they do it. So it was a bit surprising when a lady of more advanced years came up at a public… Read more »

Good communication better than pills?

In a week when we were told that talking therapies are just as effective as antidepressants, the comparative benefits of a new pill for low libido in women have also been brought into question. Popularly described as Viagra for women, Flibanserin is taken daily and aims to treat low desire, but has potential side-effects such… Read more »