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All together now

Evidence is now indisputable – good quality relationships not only give our lives meaning, they are also critical to a vast array of outcomes of interest to policymakers. Our 2025 vision for a society where relationships have the support they need identifies current challenges as well as potential opportunities on the road to making this… Read more »

‘Think sensual, rather than sexual’

If you, like me, know someone whose relationship is affected by dementia, you’ll know how painful it can be. And whereas personal care needs get attention from health workers, rarely does anyone spend time listening to you and your partner about how dementia is undermining your relationship – and how some issues, such as sex… Read more »

To propose, or not to propose this Valentine’s Day

You’ve been together for a while. It feels like you ‘get’ each other. The sex is great, and people tell you that you make the perfect couple. Everything is going well, and with Valentine’s Day at the weekend you’ve been wondering if now might be the right time to propose. But how can you be… Read more »

Make it work for you

Each week you can spend more time with work colleagues than with your own friends and family. But what if you don’t fit in at work? Isolation in the workplace is increasingly being recognised as a problem, says Relate. In a study, Relate found that 42% of people have no close friend at work. In… Read more »

Time to talk

Today it’s #timetotalk day and a great time to volunteer your help if you’re youngish and you’re passionate about mental health issues. You may have even encountered some mental health issues yourself. Remember the team of young people working with us last year who won the UpRisers’ social action award in Bedfordshire? They called themselves… Read more »

‘Sex therapy helped us find true happiness’

A young couple who had sexual problems say their relationship is now natural and happy thanks to sex therapy services at our local Relate centre. The couple, aged 26 and 24, who have asked to remain anonymous, live together and have been in a relationship for just over a year. “Despite being in love, as… Read more »

Stress Prevention Package

A new package of support from Relate enables companies, public bodies and other organisations to: Adopt policies and take measures to prevent stress among their workforce Discuss with managers and employees how to identify stress and trigger coping mechanisms Provide a personalised and confidential programme of help to individual employees, enabling them to manage stress…. Read more »

Happier families?

‘You fall head over heels with somebody only to find that you don’t get on with their family,’ writes one of Relate’s counsellors in The Independent. ‘Whether things got off to a bad start straight away or got off to a flying start only to stumble later down the line, dealing with a partner’s family… Read more »

Help with issues about sex

It’s not easy talking about problems with sexual or emotional intimacy – especially when sexual relations are absent, difficult, painful or just plain distressing. Once you’ve summoned up courage to make an appointment by calling the Relate team on 01234 356350 – and asking to see a counsellor to help with issues about sex –… Read more »